4 Reasons Why You Should Not Watch Porn Videos on Android

It’s not wrong to watch porn. That’s your personal space and there are rarely any legal restrictions to it. As more people get connected to the internet, phones have become the main means of going online. They make it convenient for internet users and, in this case, people who watch porn videos.

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You’ll even find porn apps on the google play store today. Let’s also not forget the different sites that boast of the best porn videos. They all receive the most traffic from mobile users.

However, you should be wary when watching porn on Android. Porn sites are a hacker’s playground. This is due to their constant traffic and the ease with which you can predict viewing patterns of a user. You should avoid viewing porn on your primary phone or else you’ll fall victim to some wicked cybersecurity tricks.

Below are the reasons you should avoid watching porn on your android phone.

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Kaspersky, the Russian cyber security firm recently reported that about 1.2 million users who use android phones to watch porn videos have come across malware. What’s even worse is that most of them didn’t even realize it.

Android phones are not as secure as Apple devices. This is why victims can easily be enticed to click on malware, which infects their devices. According to Kaspersky’s report, there are about 23 different types of malware that are propagated through porn.

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Porn Phishing

Phishing is a form of social engineering, much like a con, but this time the conman sets a trap to lure you. The goal is to eventually obtain your data, such as credit card numbers, bank log-in details, and any confidential information you would want in the hands of a stranger.

A phishing scheme is actually not mostly related to porn. They try to make it look like the requests come from the organizations you trust. It’ll maybe be a request to update some of your data. If you fall into this trap, your data will now be in the hands of the cybercriminals. Porn is effective for phishing because it’s easy for a person to click on malicious links while they are searching for porn. It then redirects them to a pop-up window that usually warns you of some malware in your device.

There’s also a form to prompt you to enter some information for assistance. Most people fall for this. It’s usually a gateway to a fraudster. Once they get your number, convincing you to give them information is an art they’ve perfected.

Be wary of such sites.

Banking Trojans

This is one of the most common types of malware. Porn platforms are the best ground to test new banking trojan malware. Criminals are interested in your premium account details, which is linked to your bank account. Once they get your details, they can use them to access your bank account or sell your details on the dark web.


There’s a high demand for premium porn account credentials on the dark web. You don’t want anyone watching Youporn videos at your expense.

Illegal Subscriptions

Also known as clickers, most users who’ve encountered porn malware have come across this type of malware. You’ll find them in most porn video sites. The main goal of clickers is to redirect to a particular web page and click on an ad at the criminal’s behest.

More ad clicks mean more money for the criminal. This type of malware consumes battery power and is sometimes used to subscribe to unwanted subscriptions.

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What’s the Solution?

You’d better stick to your laptop while watching porn videos. It’s also recommended that you install an anti-virus to protect you from any of these attacks.