How to set up your Samsung Gear VR?

Setting up your Samsung Gear VR is very simple, but there are a few quick tips to jot down before transporting yourself to another reality. We’ll tell you all about what you need to do before putting on the headset, so your enjoyable time is guaranteed.

Gear VR Parts

You should have the following pieces of Gear VR:

  • One long strap
  • One plastic visor
  • One elastic tag with SAMSUNG written on it
  • One short strap with a plastic hook
  • Two AAA batteries
  • One wrist strap for a motion controller
  • One motion controller
  • One micro USB adapter
  • One USB-C adapter (attached when shipped)

Assembling the head straps

Attach the plastic hook of the short strap to the small metal bar on the plastic visor. The front of the headset should face the open side of the hook. Now, slide the elastic tag onto the long strap. The company logo should be right-side up.

Insert both sides of the long strap into the slots on the plastic visor sides. The velcro parts should be facing outward.

Attach the middle of the long strap to the velcro side of the short strap. Insert the batteries into the motion controller.

Thread the wrist strap through the hole under the battery cover, then reattach the cover to attach the wrist strap to the motion controller. Put the Gear VR Controller in the elastic tag on the side strap.

This is it! Keep in mind you might have to adjust the head straps a bit when you put the headset on to give you a nice, snug fit.

Getting the right fit with Samsung Gear VR

How do you install Gear VR software on a Galaxy S8 or S9? As you know, these versions don’t come with pre-installed Gear VR software, so it has to be downloaded. This is what you have to do to make this work:

  • Insert your phone into the Gear VR
  • Wait for instructions to remove the phone
  • Remove your phone from the Gear VR
  • Tap on Agree under the agreement on the screen, then on Next
  • Tap on Install to start the Gear VR software download process

Thank you for reading our tips. We hope you found them useful! On a final note, you can swap the adapter on the headset if your phone uses micro USB instead of USB-C. To do this, switch the adapter to unlock, take it out, and replace it with the micro USB version.