Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release Date, Price & Spec

Everyone’s attention might be turned to Samsung Galaxy S10, the giant’s first big phone release of 2019, but please remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will probably arrive only half a year later. When we look at previous releases, we notice how remarkably consistent Samsung has been. Five of Samsung’s eight models were announced in August, and the other three were revealed in September.

Most likely release date: August

This leads us to conclude that the Note 10 will likely be announced in August. Depending on the actual date, availability should fall in August or September.


All Galaxy Notes have huge screens. Samsung Display has been instructed by the parent company to equip the Note 10 with a 6.66-inch Super AMOLED Infinity screen. The Note 10 screen will be even bigger than that of iPhone XS Max.

The jury’s still out on whether Samsung will reduce the bezels or increase the phone’s size to fit the larger display. We believe Samsung will minimize bezels to make room for the larger screen and keep the form factor similar to that of the Note 9. The Note 10 probably won’t have a display notch.

With or without headphone jack?

Korean site ETNews reported that Samsung intended to remove the headphone jack from the Galaxy Note 10. This isn’t a problem because most people are used to wireless headphones now.


Considering how long Samsung hasn’t changed the form factor, we expect the Galaxy Note 10 to come with a more innovative display and a new design. Rumor has it that Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus will have a new design to mark the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s S series next year.

According to supply chain sources, the screen-to-body ratio of the Galaxy S10 will be 94%. This is much higher than the 83.6% of the S10’s precursor. It follows that the Note 10’s screen-to-body ratio will be at least 94%.

Self-healing screens

Recently, the Korean company patented a self-healing material to prevent scratches. Effectively, this technology will enable the screen to heal itself. There will be no need for screen protectors if Samsung incorporates this technology in the Note 10.

Galaxy Note 10: Expected price

If we are to go by Galaxy Note 9 prices, the Note 10 will cost at least $1,000. Ultra-premium Smartphones priced at over a thousand dollars have become standard after the launch of the iPhone X. Samsung is not likely to offer the Note 10 for less than the Note 9, which costs from $1,000 to $1,250 depending on the storage variant.