Unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S9 on Any Network

To mobile phone users, there’s perhaps nothing as irksome as network locking. It basically limits the ways, in which you can use the device over its entire lifetime. Providers want to keep you as a lifetime client (even beyond the grave if they could) and make deals with Apple, Samsung, and other phone manufacturers to keep you from changing networks quickly.

Yet, the explanation probably doesn’t appease you. You’re locked into an unfeasible deal and the carrier is not offering you a competitive package.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S9: The Details

First, make sure all debts to your network provider have been paid in full. Make sure a secondhand handset hasn’t been stolen, tampered with, or otherwise used illegally. If you find it has been, report it to the police.

Always start by simply asking your network provider to unlock the handset. It might work because, after all, they want to retain your business. They’ll try to make sure you don’t just walk away.

There’s no guarantee contacting your provider will get your handset unlocked, so if it doesn’t work, try an unlocking service online or around where you live. Look for a certified organization with a registration number and full contact information. Don’t be duped by a fake. If you aren’t careful with this, losing some money will be the least of your worries.

Get Your IMEI Number

Any reputable company will ask for your handset’s unique identifier or IMEI. This is like a digital fingerprint that gives Samsung all the information it needs about your device, such as the model, storage, color, date of manufacture and, most importantly, that it is locked.

The good news is that the IMEI number is not hard to find at all. Here’s how you can find yours so you can get started with unlocking your handset, finally:

Turn on your S9 and dial *#06#. A 15-digit code will show up on your home screen. This is the IMEI code you need. That’s all there is to it. You can dial *#06# 24/7, so if you have any problems, you’ll be able to double-check that you’ve used the right IMEI code.

Then, give the code to your provider of choice. They should be able to take care of the rest.

Final Thoughts

Your network provider might unlock your phone, or they might not. Finding an unlocking service online is a faster and more effective approach to unlocking your Galaxy S9 handset.